13 nov, Lansez primul atac pentru primul trofeu

13 Octombrie, 2006

Dear William,
I received this today. Shall I trust it? I’m asking you as my representative there.

If yes, we have to move fast, (faster than until today). We have to move the money fast. If you want to be a Tepuit representative in your country, you have to:

1-open an account in your bank on behalf of :
Televizione e Publicita Italia (TEPU-IT), C.…. (datele firmei)…
Designate you as our representative to manage the account.

2-My lawyers will register a new branch (NIGERIAN TEPUIT).For registering you as our representative, payed on a monthly basis by the company, I needsome personal info (minimum) and a picture for your file.You will be the account manager

3- the picture will be frontal, up to the waist, and you holding a note(like in my picture I sent you) saying visible „NIGERIAN TEPUIT”. It’s our standard procedure.

I need your info and the picture in max 3 days so monday will startregistering procedure. If you hurry up, you could be payed starting december. Because of the european fiscality, the money will stay in Nigeria and you will be payed as an account manager
I need the account number to communicate Union Bank to transfer the money

If I don’t receive the picture and the infos(the 3 days are critical), Iwill assume you are not interested and I will thank you for yor help so far.



12 nov, Banca lor „ma felicita pentru bani” si imi cere datele conturilor mele

12 Octombrie, 2006


ATTN:Adrian Cristea.

This is to inform you that your inheritance fund of $13.5m has been approved for immediate payment release. Therefore you are hereby advice to forward yourbank information such as your account number,bank name and address for the immediate credit of your fund.
Sincerely yours

9 oct, ii trimit date si prima mentionare a termenului „TEPU-IT”

9 Octombrie, 2006

Dear Wiliam,

1) I received your photo, is OK
2) My personal info:

  • -adress: Televizione e Publicita Italia (TEPU-IT), ……(adresa)……. Write on it „To Mr ADRIAN CRISTEA personal”
  • -tel: ……….. (you need the device I told you about)
  • -photo: I just made it myself (a little trickier than I thought). The note I have in my hand Saying „For William” is a standard procedure in my bussiness, avoiding unpleasant jokes.

-Think about: If I will be forced to open a branch In Nigeria, can you lead such an opperation and be payed by TEPU-IT? You only have to do what you’re told.

William, we are close to the fortune!


Sfatul tribului 5

6 Octombrie, 2006

Trebuie să-i dau ceva, deci:

– să-i dau un chip fictiv sau unul real. (Cu unul fictiv nu mai pot ulterior sa il arat in alte ipostaze)
– să-l pun şi pe o legitimaţie, sau asta mai târziu?

*Telefonul real sau fals? (va trebui să răspund dacă mă sună, nu uitaţi că am spus că am o problemă de auz…)

6 oct, da poza (de pe legitimatie) dar vrea neaparat adresa si nr meu de telefon

6 Octombrie, 2006

Dear Adrian Cristea

MY good Friend I congratulate you for the office you settled in Romania that is very good and god will bless you for your efforts in this business.

William legitimatieSo my good friend MR Adrian Cristea All my hopes are in your hands now.Don’t delay anything now because the money will be transfer into your bank account as the next of kin.please open this attached you will see my photograph.

Please Concerning my coming to your country as we agreed,Yes,once you confirms to me that the money is in your account,within one week I will be in your country.So I want you to give me all your contact address so that once I arrive your country airport,I will pick up taxi and come to your house or I will call you on phone for you to come and pick me at the airport.

Infact I am happy that we are going to see face to face very soon.I am happy also that everything is now concluded.When I come your country,we are going to celebrate it very well. please for your information i need A copy of your photograph for identification purpose as i have send my own for you and the bank will soon cotact you.

Thanks and God Bless you and your family.

Yours Truely.

Barrister William Okafor

2 oct, Ce faci maitre, m-ai uitat?

2 Octombrie, 2006

My dear William,It is my pleasure to inform you that my office in Romania is settled. Now, we can begin to make bussiness. I congratulate you for you effort in this transaction and I assure you that you work wil not be forgotten.
But you have to realise that me myself I made a lot of effort to make a new office in a foreign country, all to be far from my associate and to be able to take decissions without being spyed. I told you about some operations I intend.
But, first thing first.
What is the status of our transaction?
You said you were to go to the bank. Give me all the details, so we can make bussiness.

Show me the money!!!!


Sfatul tribului 4

30 Septembrie, 2006

Mi-e teamă ca nu cumva, luându-l prea tare, să-l fi speriat sau să creadă că nu mă poate controla. După ce a declarat că va începe toate demersurile, nu a mai răspuns. Cum credeţi că ar trebui procedat?
1-dur, „cum vrei să fac afaceri cu tine dacă te misti asa greu si nu comunici??!!”
2-călduţ, „aştept veşti de la tine referitor la…”
3-să-i dau o şansă, „n-am prea avut timp de tine, că am avut treburi, dar acu le-am rezolvat. A prpros, ce noutăţi mai ai?”
4-alte idei

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